Antimicrobial Surface Protection London

Hygiene is an important element of everyone’s life and with the pandemic around, enhanced hygiene is required by all. Thus, getting Antimicrobial Surface Protection London can put all your worries to rest as it provides amazing protection to surfaces with high traffic or usage. Our team at Antimicrobial Protection will help you understand the uses of these surfaces and help you pick the best ones too.

We provide you with a special formula that has been formulated specifically for Antimicrobial Surface Coating London. Our formula has undergone various tests and has been successfully verified and certified by the Europe and UK labs. They meet the ISO and EN standards, ensuring protection to everyone who gets the surfaces installed.

How do our Surfaces Work?

We all use disinfectants to make sure that our surfaces remain clean and free of bacteria, don’t we? But isn’t it better if we get an antimicrobial surface coating done in our houses or offices, to ensure 100% safety? With the help of these surfaces, one doesn’t have to disinfect spaces on their own. The coating does the task on its own. It destroys all bacteria and pathogens that come in contact with the surface, acting as a wonderful shield.

Why get Antimicrobial Surface Protection London?

Hospitals and a lot of workplaces have been using antimicrobial surface protection coating for years now. But with the pandemic changing the way we spend our lives, it has now become a huge consideration for people to protect their surfaces in all ways possible. We all want our home surfaces to be free of all types of bacteria and viruses. And what can be better than antimicrobial surface protection London that disinfects itself?

If you are wondering why you would need to hire us, then we have the confusion sorted out for you. Let’s dig in.

Most importantly, Covid has increased the chances of bacteria or viruses spreading through surfaces. We are all scared that we might infect a surface or any person might have infected a surface at our office. The best way to ensure protection is to get an Antimicrobial Surface Coating London for your office cabins and work spaces. It will create a barrier between you and the bacteria as the coating will kill any bacteria that comes in contact with it, automatically.

Secondly, the protection lasts for at least 4 years and above, with constant use. It is a permanent solution to keep your surfaces clean and secure. Furthermore, the coating is very thin and discreet. It is almost invisible and nobody will hardly notice that it is there.

At Antimicrobial Protection, we ensure you easy and quick installation of the coating. Likewise, if you wish to get your old coating removed and replaced, then the removal done by us, is free of residue. We remove the coating professionally and make sure that the space is left clean and tidy.

antimicrobial surface coating
Antimicrobial Coated Surface

How to Clean Antimicrobial Surface Protection Coatings?

Many people are confused as to whether they need to clean their surfaces after getting the coating installed or not. Our team of experts make sure to educate our clients. We clarify all assumptions before you start using the surfaces. You can clean the surface with any cleaning agent. You can use bleach, usual cleaning soap or any other surface disinfectant too to clean your surfaces. No product will harm the antimicrobial properties of the coating and it will continue to do its task. However, you don’t have to clean it daily. You can do so after every 3-4 days as the surface is disinfecting itself on its own.

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