Long term Antiviral Protection

Antimicrobial activity is just like any other activity that prevents microorganisms and other small species to enter your home and workplace. Long term Antiviral Protection London plays important role in protecting you from dangerous and unknown infections caused by these small microorganisms that secretly enter your workplace and homes. Antimicrobial protection is the only possible way to protect you from pathogens with our Long term Antiviral Protection UK technology. So, to protect yourself from unknown and contagious infections, you have to choose the best and most reliable resources to perform this activity at the places you are normally in.

In Covid-19 times you must want to secure yourself from any other unknown infections that may be caused by other unknown microorganism species. In order to secure yourself from fungal infections, unidentified viruses, and pathogens, you have to perform an antimicrobial activity. Of course, while choosing an antiviral and antimicrobial activity to perform you must know what is the purpose of selecting it? What is the need for it? What benefits would it give you? All the possible questions that arise in your mind will be answered by us to get your mind clear while selecting our services to make your home and your workplace more hygienic and comfy for you.

How AM protection is the Best?

Antimicrobial protection is the best to choose because it has different technologies to disinfect your premises. Antimicrobial protection knows how to provide long term Antiviral Protection London by performing the cheap and useful activity of antimicrobial protection, the workers of AM protection also know how to get rid of this problem and they perform their duty vigilantly. They provide their services 24/7 non-stop to ensure the health and safety of our people. Even in these difficult times of Coronavirus, they continue to serve families contaminated by Coronavirus.

Which Technologies are used

The product used by our company is a self-sanitizing product that works on a 24/7 basis. It is based on Nanotechnology and its process of elimination of germs is mechanical instead of chemical in comparison with other long-term solutions. It provides continuous sanitisation. It also prevents bacterial and viral mutation. It defends and maintains a clean, safe, infection-free environment at all times. This product provides  24/7 protection against the coronavirus family and other pathogens.

Antimicrobial protection offers some of the best technologies to ensure your safety from harmful microorganisms. The technologies served by Antimicrobial protection are as follows:

Revolutionary Water-based Antimicrobial Coating is a product introduced by us to your premises that will protect you from a wide variety of viruses, bacteria, and dangerous microorganisms. The product has been tested and approved by independent UK laboratories to EN and ISO standards.

Our formula is a next-generation water-based, long term antimicrobial & antiviral coating designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms for extended periods after application. Once the coating has dried, it forms an invisible layer of “nanospikes” that penetrate and destroy cell membranes. Due to these “nanospikes”, our product’s process of elimination is mechanical instead of chemical in comparison with other Long term Antiviral Protection UK solutions.

This is extremely effective in both high and low-traffic areas. The active ingredient in the coating is ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) registered and compliant. The coating can be applied to and bonds with almost any surface – porous or non-porous, metal, leather, fabric etc. The product can remain active for up to 90 days once applied on the surfaces. That will depend on the abrasion and corrosion of the areas to be treated. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended that it be applied every 60 days.

antimicrobial surface coating
Antimicrobial Coated Surface

Based on the use of Quaternary Ammonium Silicon Compounds (SiQAC).

Our coating’s technology is based on the use of quaternary ammonium silicone compounds (“SiQAC”) as antimicrobial agents, either insolvent or in aqueous and stable solutions.

Making these compounds using a water-based system provides a host of benefits. They are non-flammable and require no solvents for dilution. They require no special handling, are uniformly dispersible on almost any surface, and are simple and economical to use because of their extended shelf-life.

When the ammonium salts react with certain organosilanes, they form an integrated system. Once this system is applied to any surface, it forms an invisible (one molecule deep) and durable (through ion exchange and rapid polymerization) antimicrobial protection.

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Services Provided

The services provided by AntiMicrobial protection are the best in London as Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers and electrostatic sprayers are used to spray the product uniformly. Our antimicrobial coating is sprayed to supersaturate the atmosphere with a fog of very fine particles. It eliminates airborne contaminants and decontaminates all exposed surfaces. It is effective for disinfecting and protect horizontal surfaces and areas that are difficult to reach such as small, confined spaces, cracks, crevices,  and even covers those small corners that are inaccessible by humans but can be a habitat for dangerous microorganisms. After the Antimicrobial service is carried out, the site must be vacant for two hours so the Antimicrobial Surface Coating droplets can settle down and after that, the premises can return to normal activity. The Antimicrobial Surface Coating will remain active for 60  to 90 days.

What you gain from AM Protection

By selecting our services you won’t regret because the quality of work we provide will give you satisfactory results that you got from nowhere. The reliable technologies used by our qualified team to give you extra convenient services can be the main reason for it.

Our engineers are equipped with testing kits to ensure the coating is fully active 24/7. This allows applicators and the business to instantly test, at any time the presence of the antimicrobial coating on the surface. Businesses can be assured of a proven formula.

A facility treated with our antimicrobial surface coating will be eligible to display awareness stickers & certificates. By promoting the measures taken by the business to increase the safety of the occupants, it instills well-being to customers, employees, patients, and contractors.

We make sure to provide an antimicrobial service that will keep your home and workplace protected from unwanted pathogens that can cause unwanted and unknown infections.

Hope all the queries are answered in detail but in case if you have any, you can ask us directly through our helplines.

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