The service is carried out by our team of specialists using Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers and electrostatic sprayers, to create a mist of our Antimicrobial coating with very fine particles that strongly bonds to the surfaces of high-touch areas such as tables, desks, chairs, touch screens, telephones, mobile devices, door handles, stair railing, toilets, taps, light switches, lift switches, counters, credit card machines, and even computers to offer long-term protection and safety to its users.

The coating is invisible, colourless, and protects surfaces from deteriorating while increasing hygiene.

It defends and maintains a clean, safe, hygienic, infection-free environment at all times, 24/7.

Before and Aftercare

Before the treatment surfaces must be clean and free from grease, dust, or dirt. Cups, books, pictures, and small utensils must be removed from the surfaces to be treated to allow full coverage of the application.

The use of high-tech ULV equipment enables our team to complete the task within a relatively short time frame and once completed the only requirement is the isolation of the site for 2 hours after the application. After that, the premises can return to their full operational routine. It is simple as it sounds.

Testing Kits

At the point of application, the installers place testing stickers in discrete areas or in visible areas of the surfaces being coated. One of the stickers will be coated and the other sticker is left untreated. The installer will return to your premises every 30/60 days (to be discussed with the professional applicator) with a testing solution that tests for the activity of the presence of a biocide on the surfaces.

This is done in the presence of your business representative. The testing solution will be applied to both stickers and on the sticker that has been coated, the solution should change colour and stain the surface. On the untreated side, the solution should not change colour and stain the surface.

The testing solution will change colour and stain a surface if our Antimicrobial Coating is still present and active on the surface. This is due to the testing solution bonding with our Antimicrobial Coating. The testing kit provides the customer with reassurance that the coating is still active on the surface and continuously terminating bacteria and viruses that come in contact with the treated surface.

antimicrobial surface coating
Antimicrobial Coated Surface

Back in Business

Antimicrobial Protection UK and Nordic Chem Initiative help businesses to communicate the measures they have taken to reduce viral and bacterial surface contamination.

After the installation of the Antimicrobial coating, the business owner of the premises is entitled to:

Awareness certificates to be placed in the premises.

An online banner which links to a technology page and can be placed on the business’ website or social media channels. It is designed to educate the visitors on the surface protection measures your business has taken.

By promoting the measures taken by the business to increase the safety of the occupants, it ensures the well-being of customers, employees, patients, and contractors.

Your premises’ occupants will be confident that your business cares about hygiene safety, which can lead to more productivity and pave a clearer path towards normal business operations.

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